Scheduling Reminders in Lead Gantt

1. Select the bell icon from the dropdown list under the On/Off column, in the row of the task for which you want to set the reminder.

The Reminder dialog will be displayed.

Reminder Dialog

2. Select the number of days from the Days field.

3. Select Start Date or End Date from the Before dropdown list.

For example, if you want to set the reminder for 1 day before the starting date of the task, then select 1 from the Days field and Start Date from the Before dropdown list.

Alternatively, you can select a date from the On dropdown calendar. 

You can send the reminder to the task owner or to everyone to whom the sheet is shared. 

4. Select the required option to send the reminder. 

5. Click Ok.

The reminder date will now be displayed under the Date/Time column.

Reminder Icon


  • To delete a reminder, select the other bell icon from the dropdown list under the On/Off column. The Date/Time will be deleted automatically. Alternatively, you can also place the cursor under the On/Off column and press Del


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