Projects, Sub-Projects And Roll-up of LeadGantt

LeadGantt offers an excellent feature that a sheet can be a main project and the same sheet can also be a mini project for something that is above it.

Lead Gantt Main Project

For example, you have a Main Project and then you have Mini Project1 and Mini Project2 below the Main Project, as shown in the above picture. The mini projects could be a checklist or a detailed task you can run separately and have separate teams work on these sheets separately.  

Then Mini Project1 can have Sub Project1 and Sub Project2 below it. Now you can link the Sub Project1Mini Project1, and Main Project back to each other. Now, all the changes and updates that your team makes in Sub Project1 will get rolled into Mini Project1 and all the changes and updates made to Mini Project1 will get rolled into your Main Project.

All the sheets will have their own baseline and their own actual sheets. 

They can plan the project in baseline then they can start the project and keep making updates to every sheet.

Once it is updated, let's say somebody else is in charge of the Mini Project1 and has another team that works on the Sub Project1. The team that works on Sub Project1 can make all the required changes. When the project in charge wants to view the updates, you can navigate to Link Gantt, on the sidebar, and then click the Update button and all the updates that the team has made in Sub Project1 will be rolled into Mini Project1

Let's say the Main Project in charge wants to see the progress of all the projects below the Main Project then they can then press the Update button and all the updates in the Mini Project1 will roll back into the Main Project.

Linking these sheets or rolling up the Gantt charts from different LeadGantt into one sheet is very simple. 

You should plan ahead the number of sheets you will require. When you link one sheet with another sheet, a link will always be there and you can click the link to track the progress of the project, at any given time.

When you link two projects, the baseline sheets of one project will always link back to the baseline sheet of the other project.

Now let us see how exactly the linking between projects/sheets work.

If you have not started a project, Mini Project - 1 and you want to link it to Main Project. When you link the two, the baseline sheet of Mini Project - 1 will be linked to the baseline sheet of the Main Project. This is because Mini Project1 is not yet started and it does not have any actual sheets.

Main Project -1 Baseline

If you have started the Mini Project - 2 and you want to link it back to the Main Project. This means that an actual sheet already exists in Mini Project - 2 and your baseline is locked in that particular LeadGanttSo, when you link the two projects, the baseline will always link back into the baseline sheet. It won't link back into the actual sheet.

Main Project -2 Baseline

If the Main Project had an actual sheet which means that the project is started. Now if you link Mini Project - 2 to Main Project then the actual sheet of Mini Project - 2 will link back into the actual sheet of Main Project.

Reverse Baseline And Actual

When you link two sheets, the baseline sheet will always pick up data from the baseline sheet in the mini-project. If both the projects have actual sheets, the actual sheet of the main project will pick up data from the actual sheet of the mini-project.

When you start the Main ProjectLeadGantt will check which are the mini-projects that are linked with the actual sheet of the Main Project and whether or not all the linked mini projects are started. If any of the linked mini-projects have not been started, then LeadGantt will prompt you to create the actual sheet in the mini-project. This basically means that you can start the project for all your mini projects from the main project sheet.


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