Budget Vs. Actual In Google Sheets Gantt Chart

After you have started the project, you will have an actual sheet. When you start making changes in the actual sheet, to start dates or the work duration or any other field, a new section named Baseline Vs. Actual will be enabled. This section explains the Baseline Vs. Actual section of the actual sheet.

Busget Vs Actual Section

After you have started the project, the baseline sheet will be locked. Also, you should not make any changes to the Baseline sheet because if you do so you will not have a baseline to compare the progress of your project with. 

If you try to change the baseline sheet of a project which has already started, then the application will give you a warning.

For example, you have the Main Project Sheet (main project sheet) that is linked to Sub Lead Gantt - 1 (subproject sheet) which is in turn linked to another sheet named Lead Gantt Demo - 1 (mini-project sheet).

1. In the actual sheet of Sub Lead Gantt - 1 sheet, update the % Complete to 100% for all the tasks of the Task 2 section.

The % Complete for the Task 2 section will be 100%.

Task 2 Section

2. Navigate to the actual sheet of the Main project Sheet and on the sidebar, click Link Gantt, then click the Update button.

Task 2 of the linked section, Sub Lead Gantt - 1 (Actual), will be updated. The % CompleteStart Date, and End Date fields will be updated.

Sub Lead Gantt - 1 (Actual)

You can run a separate project in the Main Project Sheet and make changes/updates directly in it.

3. Update the required fields in the Main Project Sheet and then click the Refresh Gantt button on the sidebar. 

The Baseline Vs Actual section will display the start variance, and end variance. It will also calculate and display where you should be and where you are tracking as of now in the project.

Start and End Variance

LeadGantt shows dots for tasks that have been delayed.

Sub Task 1.8

For example, for the task Sub Task 1.8 in the screenshot below, there are dots for the dates 1-Dec-2020 through 6-Dec-2020. And the cells for the dates 22-Dec-2020 through 5-Jan-2021 are highlighted in blue colour. This means that the task was supposed to start on 1-Dec-2020 and end on 6-Dec-2020, but instead it is now starting on 22-Dec-2020 and ending on 5-Jan-2021.


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