Add Links, Reference Files and Checklist in Lead Gantt

LeadGantt allows you to add links, reference files, and/or checklists to your gantt chart. When you are running projects, there may be multiple resources in multiple locations that you would want to reference easily or have checklists that you want your team to refer along the progress of the project. This is when the Ref. File/Checklist becomes resourceful and provides quick access to all your cloud resources.

Ref. File or Checklist

The Ref. File/Checklist column is basically for you to have links to any cloud resources. You cannot attach files to the Gantt chart or drag and drop files into this sheet. 

1. Copy and paste the URL of the file/checklist that you would want to reference.

 When you hover your mouse on the link, a quick preview of the link will be displayed as a tooltip.

Quick Preview Of Link

The Ref. File/Checklist column is a regular Google spreadsheet column. You can input text or numbers in this column. You can also do your budgeting in this column. For more information, refer to article name.


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