Funding Options of Smart Feasibility Calculator

This section explains the Funding Options section in the PDS SFC v5.0 sheet. 

SFC - Funding Options
  • Bank's TDC - Bank's Total Development Cost - is the total development cost as considered by the bank. This amount is derived from the calculations Funding Table.
  • Project TDC - is the Total Development Cost of the project
  • Project GRV - is the total sales value for the project
  • Other - is the exact amount that you are borrowing from any other source.
  • LVR/LTV - Based on the values you have input for the above fields, select the loan to value ratio. Based on the LVR/LTV, the Dev. Equity and Bank's TDC will be calculated.
  • Effective LVR - is the actual percentage of the amount that the bank will lend you.

In this example, you think the bank will lend you 65%, but the bank will only actually lend you only 53.72%.


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