Smart Feasibility Calculator Construction Costs

This section explains the Construction Costs section, in the PDS SFC v5.0 sheet. For this example, set the values of the fields as given below:

  • Avg Construction [Built] Area / Unit - 200.0
  • Const. Costs / UOM - $2,000.0
  • Construction Contingency - 5.00%
SFC - Construction Costs
  • Total Saleable Units - The value for this field will be populated from the Total Units field, in the Setup sheet.
  • Avg Construction (built) Area/Unit - is the average area that is constructed/built per unit. The unit of measurement will be selected from the Setup sheet. 
  • Gross Built Area (GBA) - is the Avg Construction (built) Area/Unit times the Total Saleable Units. In this example, it will be 200.0x5 = 1000.0
  • You have two options for the next field of which you can input values for only one option:
    • Const. Costs / UOM - Is the cost of construction for each UOM, in this example it will be per m2.
    • Const. Costs / Saleable Unit - Is the cost of construction for each saleable unit. 

Note: All the common areas will get divided into saleable units in this option.

  • Construction Contingency - is the money set aside to cover unexpected costs during the construction process. This money will be on reserve and not allocated to one area of work. The Sensitivity Analysis will be calculated including the construction contingency.

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