Lead developer's property stats and bank details

This section explains the Property Stats and Bank Details associated with your project. The Stats and Bank details are displayed automatically from the Construction Cost, Sale Price and Revenue sheet. This is only for reporting purposes and does not have any impact on calculations.

Property Stats and Bank Details

The field descriptions of Property Stats are explained in detail below:

  1. Gross Site Area - The value of Gross Site area.
  2. Density ( FSR % ) - Density is expressed in 2 different ways - Ratio and Percentage. FSR means Floor Space Ratio or it is also called as Floor Area Ratio. You can build a block of land of specified percentage based on the Gross Site Area. This is used during high-raised development. The calculation will be based on the value you enter for either ratio or the percentage. 
  3. Site Coverage - Total coverage area of the site
  4. Total Built Area - Total area for construction
  5. Garden Area - Total value of the garden area
  6. Actual Site Coverage - Total site coverage area
  7. Permeable Area -  Value of permeable area
  8. The No. of units, NSA, NLA and NSA+NLA calculations will be populated automatically.

The Bank Details are explained in detail below:

This is not actually required for the lead developer. But Lead Developer Plus (The next version of Lead Developer) can associate with your bank account and look for bank account names and transactions and compare them to your feasibility as your project is running. 

  • Description - Name of the Bank. You can add 5 different bank accounts.
  • Account Name - Name of the account holder.

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