Calculation of Market Value

This section explains the Market Values of the development and different methods for calculating it.

There are two methods for calculation:

Market Value per Unit
  1. Market Value(MV)/Unit: It is similar to construction cost per unit, but here you calculate the market value per unit. Enter the Market Values/Unit to the respective column(column W). For example, the market value for four bedrooms, ten houses will be $100000 as a ballpark figure and its value will be based on the location. It gives the average selling price for the unit based on the number of units you have and total Gross Realization Value(GRV).
  2. Market Value(MV)/m2: Enter the Market Value per Net Salable Area(NSA) according to the location. Usually, the average sales per SQ>M or SQ.FT is calculated based on the livable area. So this is the main reason for this method. It gives the total market value based on the unit of measurement per unit.
    After entering the required values, click Save And Refresh.
Market Value per m2

All the calculations will be carried out, and the Market Value will be displayed respectively as shown above.

Note: Sometimes, if you make certain changes repeatedly, total calculations will not be updated. So, click Save And Next because it also triggers all the calculations as it is navigating to the next sheet.


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