Managing your cost codes

This section allows you to manage your cost codes related to property development such as land/site value, development entity setup, etc. Many of these codes have already been defined based on property development requirements to make your process more comfortable. However, you can also customise your cost codes. 

1. Open LD_MasterData and navigate to the Cost Codes sheet.

Cost Codes

Descriptions for the fields of the CostCodes sheet are:

  1. Description - Cost head name
  2. Cost Heads - Select the head cost from the dropdown. This data is taken from the Cost Heads section. Each cost code has to be linked with the main cost head.
  3. Cost Code - Enter the unique Cost code.
  4. Cost Centre - Name of the cost center.
  5. Account Heads - Select the account heads from the dropdown based on the cost code. This data is taken from the Cost Heads section. 
  6. GST - Specify whether GST is applicable or not, or select E for examining, or GST Free for no GST. It is not a mandatory column for if GST is not applicable.

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